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The Scoop: Dwight is a Detroit editorial photographer whose early work was in photojournalism. He brings that eye to many different types of publication work...business, trade and consumer. He's heavily into the corporate field, providing striking, colorful and unique environmental portraits for business and trade publications.

In addition, Dwight can write. (His degree was in journalism so many years ago). View samples like the Haldex magazine called Dynamix. He also writes and produces promotional newsletters called Phototalk. At minimum you know he's going to give you thorough captions on any job. And communicate well with art directors and writers. Look too for his inventive photo illustrations.

chinese monk on cell phone
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UAW members on picket line at Flint, Michigan assembly plant. October 2019
UAW GM magazine photo trade magazine photo, airport bike rider resting, APA magazine
healthcare executives photographed for Modern healthcare
Mercedes-Benz manager in Newport Beach, California. For Mercedes-Benz Financial dealer magazine.
portrait of lawyer, barbed wire at jail
gymnastics meet
magazine portrait, American motorcycle couple trucker portrait, detroit photographer
trade magazine photographer, detroit Executives in furniture warehouse
sample trade magazine photo, Ann Arbor sample trade magazine photo, Detroit
junk food portrait African american drummer
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sample trade magazine photo, Ann Arbor
 Latest appearances:
Human Resource Executive
Mercedes-Benz Financial Dealer
TD magazine
CAP today
confused mailman © Dwight Cendrowski 2980
Archive image from 1980. Photographed for Observer-Eccentric newspapers
Family in home theater dance class, toddlers. magazine photographer michigan
Amiya's Dance Bus illustration for American Girl magazine
rdh magazine photo dancer soaring Mother Teresa book cover, stock photo
Photo of Mother Teresa used on cover of Renzo Allegeri's book. From Dwight's stock file
crash test dummies, executive portrait
Photojournalism, 'Careful movers'
Newspaper story and photos by
Dwight on a man working with cerebral palsy.
More: Dwight is available to travel. He has an extensive file from Ghana, West Africa and Xiamen, China, as well as images from Tokyo, Japan. Call for more information on those images. Being available on short notice is part of the business. "If I'm free tomorrow, I'll be there for you," says Dwight. Just call. To hear from his clients, Read Client Testimonials.
Questions? Contact me. Editorial samples are available for inspection.
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