Dwight has been providing medical photography to healthcare providers of all kinds since 1978. He brings a photojournalist's sensibilities to operating rooms and clinics to deliver strong images for recruiting brochures, annual reports, newsletters and displays.

Dwight Cendrowski. A Detroit area medical photographer with 45 years of experience.

doctor with child saying ahhhh
Lab worker, meningitis outbreak detroit medical photographer

Doctor holding baby detroit medical photography Surgeon portrait in operating room viewing xrays
operating room technician
Woman doctor, detroit medical photography
university lab worker and professor
Operating room scene rehabilitation photography
Hospital room photo Rehabilitation with child in hospital
Dentist portrait Rehab doctor with patient Boys dressed as doctors look at xray
Medical magazine cover photography
OR nurse
Doctor portrait
Patient mri machine
Detroit medical photography, operating room
Doctor portrait eye doctor with patient, Ann Arbor photography
Nurse with patient at bedside
Office medical personnel rushing gurney down hallway
ICU nurse with baby
hospital exterior
mother and child
All photographs © Dwight Cendrowski 
Dwight Cendrowski Ann Arbor Detroit medical Photographer