Welcome to China. Home to one fifth of the world's population. The land of temples and rice paddies, Mao and the cultural revolution, and ping pong. And a surging, charged economy that is changing the face of world trade and the lives of all Chinese.

I made my second trip to China in November 2015 to visit my son and his wife in their Beijing hutong residence. Scott is the China correspondent for Fortune magazine, and Alyssa is a freelance journalist and alum of The Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney and Fortune. China is a dynamic and frenetic place, vastly changed socially and economically from my last visit 20 years ago. Here's a sample of everyday life in Beijing and the northern city of Harbin. Notice the blue skies. The pollution was only moderate in November, but grew extremely hazardous one month later.

Farther down are photos from in and around Xiamen in Fujian province where I visited 20 years ago. Xiamen was an original special economic zone in 1980

Northernmost major city in China with prominent Russian architecture
In Fujian province, across the strait from Taiwan.

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