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Wow. Like it or not AI is here. The technology will have a profound impact on photography and the photo business. A good article on PetaPixel summarizes where we are.

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Always interesting Zenfolio state of the photo industry in 2023. Naturally AI is big and getting bigger.

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I want to give a shoutout to a fantastic photo organization, the National Press Photographer's Association, or NPPA. It's the leading voice advocating for the work of visual journalists, including still photographers, television videographers, editors and students in the journalism field. It's the first organization I joined when I started my photo business in 1978.

Everyone who cares about facts and truth in our current media landscape needs to support organizations like NPPA. Increasingly journalists are being harassed and persecuted around the world. To see the amazing work of photojournalists, please visit the NPPA website.

Photo of participants in a Leadership Adventure exercise as part of a Transformation Residency at the University of Michigan Stephen M Ross School of Business. Students participated in physical challenges to build teamwork, trust and personal accountability; lessons they hopefully take back to their own careers and companies. Just one image from my September assignment for the internationally known business school in Ann Arbor.


Photojournalism continues to put a powerful spotlight on disasters and issues affecting people's lives. Photos can have a visceral impact that can move individuals to further investigation and action. Here's a sample from the World Press Photo competition.

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A recently completed event video for Method Park by UL
A PetaPixel story takes the march of photo technologies to a new high. Making a photo by just describing it. Holy cow!

Women photographers continue to get the short end of the stick... in wages, in opportunities, in every way. Read this excellent summation in PetaPixel

Damn Putin

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Damn Putin. Shocking, horrific. This dead-eyed evil man is committing mass murder in Ukraine.

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